BioPure Cocktail

Spring 2017 BioPure Bulletin ANNOUNCING BioPure CockTail BioPure’s unique herbal blend is a compilation of several of the most commonly used BioPure tincture products in Dr. Klinghardt’s highly successful and established |“Lyme CockTail” and is composed of herbal extracts, Propolis, and BioPure’s LipoSorb Phospholipid. LipoSorbTM is our proprietary formatted lipid phosphatidylcholine and is entirely sourced from purified soy lecithin. However, unlike lecithin it is a phospholipid composed of a glycerophosphoric acid and two further fatty acids. Its most remarkable quality is that itis a phospholipid that occurs naturally inthe body, with combined hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. Phosphatidylcholine is vital for cellular, extracellular, and intracellular function. It is involved in cell membrane… Read More

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