Lumiram Lumichrome 1XX Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lamps


Energy Efficiency Full Spectrum Lighting with Brilliant Natural Colors Improve your health and well being with a Lumichrome 1xx full spectrum lamps.

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Sold by the CASE (25  per case)

Energy Efficiency Full Spectrum Lighting Combined with Brilliant Natural Colors Improve your health and well being with a Lumichrome 1xx full spectrum lamp. Extensive research has shown that lack of natural daylight can impair our mood, health and well being in a very dramatic way.  The quality of our daily lives is greatly affected by the type of artificial illumination we use, at home or at work, where we spend a great deal of our days.Full spectrum high color rendering fluorescent lamps: FOR A HEALTHIER AND TRUER TO LIFE ENVIRONMENT.

  • The Lumichrome® fluorescent lamp technology is based on a uniquely designed three phosphor blend to achieve the utmost color discrimination qualities.  
  • With the highest color temperatures of 96 and 98, Lumichrome® provides the closest reproduction to Natural daylight combined with state of the art energy efficiency.
  • The Lumichrome® fluorescent lamp line is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and is recommended for display and environmental lighting of all types.
  • Lumiram Lumichrome® fluorescent lamps have shown to promote people’s sense of comfort and well being.

Office Light

The Chromalux exclusive line of natural and healthy lighting creates a pleasing, colorful, and color balanced atmosphere that has been shown to enhance people’s sense of comfort and well-being in any work or office environment. As we know, accuracy and efficiency at work are crucial and therefore, the visual comfort provided by overhead lighting plays quite an important role. Chromalux lighting promotes a colorful, glare free surrounding that helps people work more efficiently and with no eye strain.Also highly recommended for general office lightingis the Lumichrome Full Spectrum Fluorescent lamp linewhich provides a bright, white light that is not only highly pleasant to work under, but is energizing and mood enhancing as well.


Unfortunately, ordinary cool white fluorescent lamps, that most of us use, have an unbalanced spectral distribution, and throw a depressing greenish yellowish hue upon a room, distorting colors, stressing our eyes, and creating a very unpleasant atmosphere.Full spectrum lighting is a positive way to impact our daily lives and improve our atmosphere.

Benefits of Lumichrome full spectrum fluorescents:

  • Fluorescent lamps for visual acuity and comfort
  • Fluorescent lamps provide natural lighting indoors
  • Fluorescent lamps for comfortable working conditions
  • Fluorescent lamps for low cost energy consumption

With its patented phosphor blend technology, the Lumichrome Full Spectrum Fluorescent Light offers the most extensive variety of full spectrum fluorescent light bulbs on the market today.


  • Superior color rendition: (highest available today!) (98 C.R.I.).  With a color temperature of 6500 K, LUMICHROME 1XX full spectrum lamp closely matches outdoor lighting in the morning hours, and has a bright white appearance.
  • Energy efficiency:  Only 32 and 18w instead of the standard 40 and 20w, with enhanced Lumen output, (about 20% more than Standard Fluorescents).

LUMICHROME 1XX  full spectrum light should be specified whenever superior color rendition combined with high efficiency are needed.  Recommended for the illumination of spas, health and fitness centers, dental labs, photo labs, printing shops, etc.

LUMICHROME 1XX full spectrum light has also been shown to promote positive effects on people’s sense of well-being; and due to the higher output in the near U.V. range, (300 nanometers: see spectral curves), Lumichrome is also highly recommended for the pet industry, the illumination ofreptile cages and fish aquariums.

LUMICHROME 1XX  full spectrum light is manufactured in the T8 diameter and can be installed in fixtures equipped with an electronic ballast or in preheat starter systems.



LUMICHROME 1XX Spectral Distribution Curves

Minimum CASE (25/case) order on the F30T8 – 36″ and F18T8 – 24″ 

Ordering Code
Approx. Lumens
Per Pack
F32 1XX
T8 48″



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F32T8 48"


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