Exposure to environmental toxins can affect health. This at-home blood test provides insights about levels of heavy metals and essential elements in your body. Results include a personalized health plan.

Cadmium Blood Spot
Normal range is < 1.03 μg/L

A toxic element that can adversely impact your health when present in the body in excess. Sources include: smoke (cigarette, e-cigarette, or marijuana), plumbing, gasoline and motor oil, some cookware, some processed foods and drinks, batteries, fertilizers, fertilizers, and PVC plastics.

Lead Blood Spot
Normal range is < 2.5 μg/dL

Lead is a toxic metal that can cause serious health issues when present in excess in the body. The soil and water in areas where mining activities have taken place can become very contaminated with lead. Children growing up in these areas are the most vulnerable to lead’s harmful effects. It can also be found in old plumbing, lead based paint, gasoline, tobacco smoke, some dyes, automobile exhaust and other air pollution, some car parts and batteries, and personal care products.

Mercury Blood Spot
Normal range is < 5.37 μg/L

Mercury is very toxic, even in extremely small amounts, and can cause harm in your body. It can be found in some silver dental fillings (amalgams), seafood, batteries, some plastic, personal care products, some cleaning solutions, mining operations, and the paper industry.

Zinc Blood Spot
Normal range is 6.35 – 9.35 mg/L

An essential element for growth, immune function, testosterone production, and as an antioxidant. It is involved in over 200 enzymes in the body.

Copper Blood Spot
Normal range is 0.79 – 1.14 mg/L

An essential element that is important for bone health, connective tissue health, heart health, lipid metabolism, brain health, and skin health. High levels of copper can also be toxic. Sources include drinking water, shellfish, IUDs, and cookware.

Zn/Cu Blood Spot
Normal range is 6.6 – 10.2

Zinc and copper are both essential minerals that can help detoxify heavy metals and protect the body from their damaging effects. An antioxidant enzyme made in the body, superoxide dismutase (CuZnSOD), utilizes zinc and copper to help detoxify reactive molecules. The ratio of zinc to copper, not the quantity of zinc and copper, can determine optimal functioning of this enzyme.

Magnesium Blood Spot
Normal range is 36.0 – 57.0 mg/L

An essential element present in all cells of the body and involved in over 500 reactions including energy production. Essential for maintaining normal bone density, normal heart rhythm, healthy lung function, and normal blood sugar regulation.

Selenium Blood Spot
Normal range is 170.0 – 318.0 μg/L

An essential element important for normal thyroid function, antioxidant function, and cellular health. Also associated with heart health, connective tissue, eye, and liver function. Healthy levels may protective against mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metal toxicities.

How it works

1 Delivered

After purchasing, all home-test materials are delivered to your door

2 Locate Barcode

Locate the barcode included with your kit and enter at thorne.com

3 Complete Collection

Complete your test collection and return with prepaid shipping

4 Reviewed

Your results are reviewed by an independent board-certified physician

5 Receive Results

You’ll receive your results & personalized recommendations within 7-9 days

Potential Symptoms

Heavy Metals Test 101

What the tests tell you

Biomarker values

Simple visualization of your biomarker results over time, plus detailed descriptions of each biomarker for an easy interpretation of your overall health.

Health analysis

Insights based on your results help you identify potential health risks or areas of improvement.

Personalized plan

Access your diet, activity, and supplement plan anytime, anywhere through the Thorne dashboard. Recommendations are generated from our medically-supervised algorithms based on your unique test results.

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