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Britebox Dermaclear Acne LED FDA Light Therapy Treatment

$ 695.00

The britebox dermaclear is an effective acne light treatment lamp using innovative light-waves (840 medical LEDs), which kill P. acnes and promotes healing (reducing the chances of scarring). By combining blue and red LED technology, the Dermaclear is a natural acne treatment which is highly effective and safe, or your money back...

Britebox dermaclear is clinically proven to clear acne without the use of antibiotics or creams and you will be astounded by the results

With only 15 minutes of use per day britebox dermaclear will achieve dramatic results for all acne sufferers.

You too can enjoy beautifully clear skin.

  • Effective acne treatment
  • Clears and smoothes skin
  • Anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial Items Included: stand, carry case, eye protectors (all included in your dermaclear package)

treatment time: 15 mins per day

For a course of 6 clinical treatments you would expect to pay over $2000. With a britebox you have treatments for life.

  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory action
  • Clears acne fast - visible results in only 4 weeks
  • Only 15 minutes use per day
  • Natural alternative to costly antibiotics
  • No harmful UV radiation
  • Clears bacterium (P. acnes) which cause acne
  • Conditions and promotes new skin growth
  • No need for expensive creams or clinics
  • Helps repair sun-damaged skin
  • Improves skin tone
  • Conditions and promotes new skin growth
  • Helps the appearance of irregular pigmentation
  • Lessens skin coarseness and pore size
  • Safe and effective for all skin types
  • Non- invasive
  • No side effects
  • No pain
  • No downtime

Acne Treatment Products - How It Works

How the britebox dermaclear works:

Blue LED (415nm)
It has long been known that sun light (UV light) will improve acne. However, because of photo ageing and medical side effects, UV lights are not recommended as a safe treatment for acne.

More recently, a peak wavelength of 415nm, which is outside the UV range and therefore safe, have been found to be a highly effective acne treatment. It is known that Propionibacterium acnes (P. acne) produce porphyrins during their normal life cycle. Porphyrins absorb light energy at the near UV and visible blue light spectrum. The irradiation of P. acnes with blue visible lights (415nm) lead to photo excitation of bacterial porphyrins, singlet oxygen production and eventually bacterial destruction.

Red Light (633nm)
It has been found that exposure to 633nm low-level wavelengths release cytokines. Cytokines stimulate fibroblast proliferation and the production of growth factors, thus influencing the inflammatory process, healing and ultimately wound repair and has been found to significantly improve postoperative open wounds. This light will reduce any chance of scarring.

Britebox have been treating acne with light for 6 years and have an excellent treatment response.

Acne Treatment Research

Clinical studies show that blue light and red light, working at specific wavelengths, act together in clearing mild to severe acne. The blue light (415nm) has an antibacterial effect whilst the red light (633nm) acts as an effective anti-inflammatory.

In the first study of its kind, conducted atHammersmith Hospital England, Dr Chu et al evaluated the use of a mixed blue and red fluorescent lights in the treatment of acne.

They achieved a mean improvement of 76% in inflammatory lesion reductions (1.)
More recently, Dr Goldberg and Dr Russell replicated this study with the use of LEDs as the red/blue light source (633nm and 415nm respectively). They achieved an astounding mean lesion reduction of 81%.

They concluded that:
"[the] combination blue and red LED therapy appears to have excellent potential in the treatment of mild to severe acne" (2.)

We have been treating acne with light for 6 years now and have an excellent treatment response.

Acne levels progressively reduced throughout the treatment period and continued to reduce for the following 8 weeks after treatment had ended (leisions were classed as papules, pustules and nodules).

LED therapy is used to activate photosensitizers to result in the formation of singlet oxygen and reactive radicles leading to bacteria destruction.

Acne Treatment Research

Previous Acne Cures

Topical Applications
Widely available prescription creams have traditionally been one of the most popular acne cures, however, creams often irritate the skin and have minimal long-term effect in actually reducing P. acnes.

Acne Cures - Oral Antibiotics
More effective than topical applications, However, more recently people (and GP's) are becoming reticence in using/prescribing oral medications. This is due to their severe side effects and increasingly resistant bacterium (only 40% of bacterium is affected by today's antibiotics). Further, antibiotic regimes are a lengthy process (usually at least three to four months). Since improvement in acne is often very gradual, permanent scarring may occur. Hence, there is a growing reluctance within the medical community to use antibiotics except when absolutely necessary.

Acne Cures - Accutane®
Accutane is a "last resort" treatment for acne and is associated with potentially serious side effects.

It is quite clear that an alternative treatment has been required for some time. This is why researchers have been studying the effects of specific peak wavelengths of light in order to produce safe acne cures, and with very successful results

With the advent of britebox dermaclear and innovative light wave technology, a safe and effective acne cure is now here.

(1.) Dr A Chu (2000). Phototherapy with blue and red light in the treatment of Acne Vulgaris. British Journal of Dematology. 142: 973-978
(2.) David J. Goldberg & Bruce A. Russell (2006). Combination blue (415 nm) and red (633 nm) LED phototherapy in the treatment of mild to severe acne vulgaris. Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy. 8: 71-75

About Acne
Acne is one of the most common and resistant skin conditions to affect humans. Indeed, regardless of skin type, lifestyle or cleanliness, approximately 80% of the population will suffer from acne at some point in their lives, with a staggering 70% of adolescents developing acne. Yet many sufferers fail to respond adequately to current acne cures and/or develop problematic side effects. In addition, the cost and duration of acne cures with topical applications and oral antibiotics make standard therapies far from ideal.

Acne usually starts in adolescents as an affect of hormonal changes; however, acne can also start in peoples 20's and 30's.

Acne is the result of the obstruction and inflammation of the sebaceous gland. The obstruction of the glands opening causes the accumulation of sebum, which is inevitably followed by a build up of bacterial population, or more specifically Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). As part of the process, P. acnes attract inflammatory cells, which cause the red and painful expression of acne. These inflamed pustules can lead to permanent scaring.

Treatments For Acne - Testimonials

Dear Mark I used the britebox dermaclear and was very happy with the results, I was trying every thing on the market to try and clear up my problem skin, and spent a small fortune, but only found that I was allergic to most products, the light box, was a god send, and only a couple of weeks from starting using it, lots of people started to say not only had my problem skin cleared up but the condition of my skin, was looking better than it had. I would highly recommend this product, not just to clear up skin, but to improve its overall condition. Inflammation reduced after the first week. Over the next couple of months the number and frequency of break-outs reduced. By the fourth month I no longer felt compelled to wear make-up. After years of trying everything, I'm so amazed this has worked, long may it continue. The physical impact the britebox dermaclear has made is only the beginning, as every acne sufferer will know, the mental impact is more profound. It's like a weight lifting off my shoulders. I just feel so happy. I only wish doctors would advise their patients to try light therapy, as I'm sure any long term sufferer would prefer the more natural approach and not using antibiotics.
Thanks, Claire

Dear Sandra
I think the britebox is a fantastic product. Although I haven't seen the results as quickly as suggested, it is the only thing that has helped my skin in 10 years! I have tried many products over the years with little or no effect, but the britebox dermaclear has really made a difference. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone and I wish it had been discovered years ago! 

Dear Sandra
"I'm very pleased with the results from my britebox dermaclear. There's no pain, no discomfort and no inflammation at al

l. I can't believe how much better my skin feels now; I'm well impressed. My forehead, nose & chin used to be greasy all the time & now my skin has definitely improved."
James K

I have used my britebox dermaclear for just 7 days and already I can feel and see a huge improvement in my skin. After 2 days I realised that my skin was not as irritated as it usually is and that I have been able to resist touching my face. I am truly amazed at the improvement in my skin which looks better than it has done over the last 18 years. Even my friends have noticed and today, I was able to go to work without using foundation to mask the spots. I have never been able to do that in all that time. I am very surprised that I have noticed an improvement so quickly... Thank you

So far, so good! My skin is in great condition, my moisturiser absorbs more easily, my make up goes on like a dream, and those horrible blackheads aren't there to get me down! It definitely gives dull skin a boost and keeps spots at bay.
M Clarke

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