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LED Technologies FDA Approved Pain Relief LED Light Therapy (Clinical)

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LED Technologies FDA Approved DPL Nüve helps to relieve minor muscle and joint aches and muscle spasms.  Additionally, it is used for temporary pain relief and stiffness associated with arthritis and helps to increase blood circulation.

Treatment time: 25 Minutes with an automatic shut-off.

The DPL Nüve consists of 4 - 660 nm red light and 56 - 880 nm infrared LEDs.  The red and infrared LEDs light goes deep into the skin, synthesizing elastins and collagen, to repair and regenerate cells to help repair tissue and clear wrinkles and crows feet.  It is best to treat face for 3 minutes in any one area.  It treats 26 cm2 area and puts out 25 joules per cm2

LED Technologies FDA Approved DPL (Deep Penetratin Light) Nüve was designed to improve the look and feel of your skin.

It has been proven to effective:

  • wrinkles
  • fine lines
  • flushing
  • blemishes
  • pigmentation
  • Increasing circulation
  • reducing crow's feet
  • sun damaged skin
  • healing and preventing acne
  • reducing brown age-spot producing melanin
  • reducing pore size
  • reducing skin coarseness
  • reducing overall redness, flushing, dilated capillaries
  • reducing skin degradation
  • Improving skin tone
  • Stimulation & regeneration of collagen
  • Activates and stimulates skin cell metabolic function

LED Technologies FDA Approved DPL Nüve is a drug free, non-invasive therapy system, which can be applied to meet your skin care needs. The DPL Nüve uses "Photons", a form of energy, that will penetrate deep into the body, repairing damaged tissues and easing pain.


  • 4 - 660nm Red LEDs
  • 56 - 880nm Infrared LEDs
  • AC/DC Power Supply
  • Head Treatment
  • Carrying Bag
  • User Guide
  • Operating Manual

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